UV Aerosol Spray Laminate

UV Aerosol Spray Laminate
Type: UV Aerosol Laminate
Size: 12 fl. oz.
Printers: N/A
Color: Glossy Clear
Thickness: N/A
Adhesive: N/A
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Included
Tools/Material: None
Note: UPS GROUND shipping only.  We are unable to ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas countries

This fast drying UV laminate aerosol spray is fast drying and features a fine mist spray nozzle to make sure you get an even coat without the bubbling encountered when using cheaper wide spray nozzles. This clear spray protects your ink jet photos and art projects from ultra violet radiation, the elements, and physical damage.

General Description: This specialty Aerosol UV Barrier Spray Laminate not only provides your inkjet output with a UV barrier, it also provides the output with some waterproofing, chemical resistance, and some physical protection. Since the vast majority of inkjet inks are not designed to be resistant to UV radiation, our (LLA5000) spray laminate will help keep your outdoor artwork or stickers from fading as rapidly, as well as making them more durable to weather and chemical wear. This can features a fine mist spray nozzle which makes applying an even coat must easier than a typical coarse nozzle, prone to splattering.

Applications: We recommend this spray laminate for use with any inkjet output which will be exposed to UV radiation for any significant length of time. This increases the life of your outdoor stickers and art by providing a barrier which helps prevent the absorption of UV rays. While nothing can make your inkjet inks UV proof, this laminate spray will help extend outdoor life.

Complementary Products: We highly recommend using this spray with our White Waterproof Vinyl (WVF8511) since it is used primarily for bumper stickers or outdoor vinyl decals. If you intend to use this product wit laser printed images then make test to see the compatibility of the aerosol with the toner.

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