Clear Decal Fixative

Clear Decal Fixative
Type: Aerosol Clear Flexible Decal Fixative
Size: 12 fl. oz.
Printers: N/A
Color: Glossy Clear
Thickness: N/A
Adhesive: N/A
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Included
Tools/Material: None
Note: UPS GROUND shipping only.  We are unable to ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas countries

>This clear drying decal fixative spray features a fine mist spray nozzle. This special nozzle allows for a more thorough even coating, preventing the bubbling or even "splatter" sometimes caused by cheaper wide spray nozzles. This fixative spray "fixes" the water soluble ink jet ink to the decal film, making your designs water safe so that the ink is not dissolved when placing your decals into warm water to apply.

Why use Papilio aerosol spray versus just any clear oil enamel or acrylic spray available in the next hardware store. Through the years or since 1996 we have had our customer report mixed results using clear spray. It has become frustrating to some of our loyal customers to experience mixed results even when buying the "same brand" of clear spray in the same store. It appears that some clear aerosol spray sold for general arts and craft use may work just fine one time but then later give poor performance and or not work at all. Some clear spray sold for 97 cents at the largest retailer in the nation in June 2006 was reported by one customer to be "usable" but when tested by us was deemed to be unusable product and later this same customer reported the same results. In other words clear acrylic spray even when sold under the same brand name seem to give mixed results.

It was therefore in 2005-2006 that HPS LLC felt the need to have quality decal film manufactured for us to be able to provide professional quality decal paper and film for our customers.

The Papilio Decal Film is simply a superior product to any clear aerosol spray available on the marked for arts and crafts use. It is manufactured especially to form flexible film that will work with water slide decal paper, a film that will "never" yellow and stay flexible for years. After spending time and money creating you artwork we strongly recommend you use the Papilio Decal Fixative.

The Papilio decal fixative is also available in liquid form. This specialty aerosol features the new fine mist spray nozzle and two extra nozzles.

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Whether you need basic water-slide release paper, or one of our pre-coated inkjet or laser water-slide media HPS has a product to fit your needs.

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