Metallic Transfer Foils

Metallic Transfer Foils
Type: Special transfer foil
Size: On rolls. See below
Printers: N/A
Color: Shiny Metallic Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, & Red
Thickness: N/A
Adhesive: Heat Transfer
Outdoor Life: Not recommended
Instructions: Click here to download Metallic Transfer Foils
Tools/Material: Copier or Monochrome Laser Printer & Hot  Laminator
Note:  CAN be used with Domestic  Iron if you don't  have a Hot Laminator. Can also be used with t-shirt press. Using t-shirt press requires 3-4 applications.

This very special foil is designed to be used with, but not printed on by your monochrome laser printer. Print out the sheet you would like accented with foil using your laser printer. Attach the foil to the sheet covering the area with the text/images you would like to be foil accented. Using either a domestic iron, or a hot laminator apply heat to the foil and then remove it. Where there were black text/images before will now be the color of your metallic foil. We have many colors available in various lengths.

Make certificates, awards, or add a shiny metallic accent to any art project using our metallic transfer foils. Available in Gold, Silver, Green, Red, and Blue. These heat transfer foils use heat to transfer to only the areas of the paper which have been printed with laser toner.

How does the metallic transfer foil work ? Print your design using black laser toner onto plain copy paper. Cut off a section of the metallic transfer foil from the roll, and tape it to the area you would like to decorate with a metallic accent. After passing the sheet through a hot laminator, or applying heat with a domestic iron peel the foil off of the sheet. This leaves only those areas that contained laser toner decorated in a brilliant metallic color. For more information on how to use this gold metallic transfer foil please go to our e-commerce website.

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