Lick 'N' Stick Gummed Decal Paper

Lick'N'Stick Gummed Decal Paper
Type: Lick'N'Stick Gummed Decal Paper
Size: 9.5" x 12"
Printers: All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color: Cotton White (bright white)
Thickness: N/A
Adhesive: Permanent - Lick and Stick
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Included
Tools/Material: N/A
Note: Indoor use only

Papilio's Lick 'n' Stick gummed decal paper is the perfect fit for customizing your own stamps and scrap book decals. Cut out shapes in one of the many different colors available to piece together beautiful collages and imagery. Using our Cotton White color, you can print directly onto the gummed decal paper using an Inkjet or Laser printer to create your own, print, lick and stick creations!

To apply your cut-outs, simply lick or wet the back of the sheet and stick to your target!

**Cotton White is the ONLY printable Lick 'n' Stick media available, compatible with inkjet or laser printers**

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