Laser Multi surface Transfer Film

Laser Multi surface Transfer Film
Type: Laser Multi surface Transfer Film
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Printers: Most Color Laser Printers
Color: White
Thickness: Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive: Water-based Gelatin
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Click here to download Laser Multi surface Transfer Film
Tools/Material: Decal Squeegee & Mounting Fluid Recommended
Note: Indoor use only unless protected with a Urethane

Our Transflat heat transfer media works in conjunction with your color laser printer and heat/transfer press to transfer professional quality images to a wide variety of surfaces. Materials for which this transfer paper works well are: ceramic, porcelain, metal plates, vinyl coated magnetic, polyester, slate, marble, and many other surfaces. We recommend this media for white or light colored surfaces, as the semi-transparent nature of laser toner allows for the color of a dark substrate to show through, partially overwhelming the colors of the print and giving the image a washed out or faded look. This can be avoided by pre painting the area the image will be applied to white, or a similar light color. This paper will NOT work as T-shirt heat transfer paper.

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