Glossy Clear Adhesive Polyester Film

Glossy Clear Adhesive Polyester Film
Type: Glossy Clear Adhesive Polyester Film
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Printers: Most Color Laser Printers
Color: Clear
Thickness: 2.7 MIL
Adhesive: Permanent
Outdoor Life: Toner Dependent
Instructions: Click here to download Glossy Clear Adhesive Polyester Film
Tools/Material: None
Note:  Useful outdoor life of this media depends on the life of the toner used.

To facilitate easier feeding and printing, all of our laser polyester media is cut to 8.38" X 11" rather than 8.5" X 11". If for your application you need a full 8.5" X 11" size, please contact us via phone or email and we can provide it for you.

With this media you can make professional looking, clear, permanent labels or stickers. Ideal for production labels which allow the color and look of your substrate to show through. Since laser toner is naturally water-fast you can make labels for items which will be exposed to water. Much more durable and attractive than any paper label, this clear polyester film makes your labels or stickers look professionally printed but allows for the flexibility of in house printing. All of our HP Color Laser media is designed with newer, high heat, color laser printers in mind.

Applications: Our customers use this media for a wide variety of interesting applications. From making clear brand / information labels for colorful gourmet coffee bags, to water resistant labels for shampoos and soaps. This self-adhesive media can also be used to make clear stickers for arts and crafts, or even clear bumper stickers.

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