Laser Clear Static Cling Film

Laser Clear Static Cling Film
Type: Color Laser Clear Static Cling Decal Paper
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Printers: Most Color Laser Printers
Color: Clear
Thickness: Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive: Pure Static Cling
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Click here to download Laser Clear Static Cling Film
Tools/Material: None
Note: Indore Use Only

Our classic laser printable static cling. Ideal for customers who have been using it with success for years. This media has no adhesive and works by charging the static electricity of the sheet, which allows to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. This material is ideal for window decals, wall decals and applications where there must not be residue left upon removal. For new customers, we recommend our Blue Line Laser Static Clings. This media is intended mainly for customers who have already tested its compatibility with their printer and application. It is thicker than our new Blue Line Laser Static Clings, and does not adhere as well to such a wide variety of surfaces.

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