Inkjet Glossy Clear Printable Vinyl

 Inkjet Glossy Clear Printable Vinyl
Type: Inkjet-Printable Clear Vinyl.
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Printers: All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color: Clear (glossy finish)
Thickness: 3.5 Mil
Adhesive: Permanent
Outdoor Life: Not recommended for outdoor use
Instructions: Click here Glossy Clear Adhesive
Tools/Material: None.
Note: Indoor use only

Papilio's Inkjet Glossy Clear Vinyl is intended for use in dye based printers and comes in 2 dimensions; standard letter size (8.5" x 11") and also tabloid, size (11" x 17"). Each sheet features a clear, glossy finish and permanent adhesive - ideal for indoor applications. When combined with our Waterproof Over Laminate sheets (WOL9512), or UV Laminate spray (LLA5000) this item can be afforded some water resistance as well as some protection against sun damage and fading. Approximately 3 mil thick, these sheets may be printed on directly by a wide variety of dye based printers to produce stunning picture clarity and color vibrancy. Installing these sheets is a simple process and is a peel and stick application. Simply peel the clear vinyl off of the liner / backing sheet and apply to your surface.

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Important Note: Inkjet printers do not contain a white ink. The software and printer rely on the paper to provide a white background. When you print on a clear media, the background will be whatever color the substrate is. As an example, when decorating a red Christmas ornament with a red decal printed on a clear media the decal will simply blend into the color of the ornament. Similarly if the substrate is black, any clear decal will be very difficult to see, due to the transparent nature of not only the media, but the inkjet inks as well. White decal media provides the white background anticipated by the graphics program and printer, allowing you to overcome the limitations of clear media.

Whether you need basic water-slide release paper, or one of our pre-coated inkjet or laser water-slide media HPS has a product to fit your needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us at: 940-627-0112. Please note that our water slide decal paper is coated and made in the USA. If you are already using a water slide decal paper and have not tried our product please use this link to get a free sample.