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Lick'N'Stick Gummed Decal Paper

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Papilio Lable Helper

Papilio Label Helper is 100% free software. It offers you easy and professional way to design, customize and modify label for printing.

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water slide decals

Lick'N'Stick Gummed Decal Paper

Papilio's Lick 'n' Stick gummed decal paper is the perfect fit for customizing your own stamps and scrap book decals.

back lit

Inkjet Backlit Film

This film is inkjet printable and designed to be lit from behind. Create back lit displays using your inkjet printer it is a non-adhesive media perfect for creating stunning back lit displays

Temporary Tatto adhesive

Temporary Tattoo Adhesive Sheets

These adhesive sheets act as the glue that holds the tattoo to your body. Sandwiched between two liners is a thin layer of glue that can be transferred to a wide variety of surfaces.

Gold Metallic Heat Transfer Foil

Gold Metallic Heat Transfer Foil

Achieve bright, colorful, metallic effects with our heat activated metallic transfer foils you can add metallic accents to your things or art piece that is capable of receiving laser toner.